‘Blood of Martyrs’ Will Foster New Era of Christian Unity, Pope Tells Anglicans

by Monica Cantilero  |  published on May 7, 2015

Pope Francis underlined the role of martyrs in the coming of “a new era of ecumenical commitment,” telling Anglicans that the persecution of Christians for their faith only serves to strengthen Christian unity.

The head of the Roman Catholic Church made the statement on Thursday as he received 20 visiting members of the Anglican-Roman Catholic International Commission who visited the Vatican to study the relationship between the universal and local churches, the Official Vatican Network said.

“There is a strong bond that already unites us which goes beyond all divisions,” Pope Francis told the delegation. “It is the testimony of Christians from different churches and traditions, victims of persecution and violence simply because of the faith they profess.”

The Pontiff pointed out that the blood of martyrs, including those who were recently killed in the Middle East and the 45 Anglican and Roman Catholic “Martyrs of Uganda,” will foster a new era of unity.