Christian Rappers Collect Thousands of Canned Food Items for Texas’ Hungry

by Stephanie Samuel  |  published on November 18, 2014

The Holy Hip Hop for Hunger Concert & Awards Show, held at South Houston’s Legacy Church, collected between 2,000 and 3,000 cans for the Houston Food Bank, while giving out awards to local male and female rap artists, spoken word poets, producers and DJs who praise the name of Jesus.

The cans came from the nearly 600 hip hop fans who were encouraged to bring five canned goods in exchange for free entrance to the event.

“I love to see more opportunities for the genre and the people making this kind of music to be honored because I think it’s a great justice that they’re doing for the kids, [for] the time and money I see them spending on recording and doing music and doing free events. Just trying to bring more awareness to what we’re doing,” said Hunger Awards organizer Vaughaligan Walwyn.

Holy Hip Hop for Hunger Concert & Awards Show started with Walwyn. The Legacy Church pastor, a St. Croix native, grew up in Houston as an aspiring Olympic athlete. When a knee injury cut his long jumping career short, he turned to hip hop for comfort, which eventually led him to the ministry. Walwyn organized the first Hunger Awards at Rice University in 2007 after turning his musical talents from secular rap to the Christian/ inspirational hip hop genre as rapper Von Won.