Christians Who Cave to the ‘New Intolerance’ Only Make It Worse, Mary Eberstadt Says

by Napp Nazworth  |  published on November 17, 2014

Christians should not cower to the “new intolerance,” in which certain liberals have used government, social and economic power to bully and censor people who disagree with them, because doing so will only undermine the Church, Mary Eberstadt argued Tuesday for a lecture hosted by First Things.

The new intolerance is unlike previous challenges Christians have faced, she explained, because it’s not rooted in a deep philosophical debate, such as debates over theodicy, or the challenges to the Church presented by Pelagianism or Arianism.

The new intolerance “is not an intellectual or philosophical force. In fact, it’s hardly about ideas at all. It is instead something very specific, taken from playbooks that nobody should be proud of studying. It’s about using intimidation, humiliation, censorship, and self-censorship to punish those who think differently,” she said.

Eberstadt, senior fellow at the Ethics and Public Policy Center, has authored several books and written for many magazines and newspapers, including First Things, a conservative Christian monthly magazine. Her most recent book is How the West Really Lost God: A New Theory of Secularization (2013).

  • Bob Worrell

    I completely agree. Kids in schools are being “taught” to tolerate and accept the differences of anti biblical beliefs and behaviors at a level that would shock most parents if they were aware.
    There are groups and staff members in schools that promote the LGBT views under the term of promoting tolerance and those with differing views are being called intolerant. Most parents are completely unaware of this because they won’t find it anywhere on their childs curriculum.

  • What people don’t know, is that what is called the West is AMERICA; Gods’ last major DISPENSATION for Humanity to be saved from the “Wrath of God that is to come over the children of disobedience”. We proved that after the seven year struggle to change the mind of America 180 degrees from the direction The Founding Fathers left it.We accomplished it at the mega orgy at Bethel in August 1969 where we shouted “In Your Face God”. So God issued now Ameridca a new guide called The False Positive Norm or as it reads in Job 12:24,25 also the continuing work of the adversary 2 Thes 2:3. All of the before said can be verified by people that are 70-80 years old. Yes even people in Congress if they will admit it. Now,in year 2020 America will be 400 years (a God number). So prepare to receive what God has to bestow on Ameridca ( + or -) should He choose to do so.