Planned Parenthood Touts Grandmas for Abortion

Planned Parenthood is showing its support for a group of Maine grandmothers promoting abortion rights led by the daughter of a longtime associate of Margaret Sanger.

“Grandmas for Reproductive Rights” (GRR) engages in letter-writing to legislators and joins rallies at statehouses to protect abortion-on-demand.

“There is something about grandmothers doing this, working with this and caring, because it’s not for us at this point,” said the group’s founder, Judy Kahrl, according to CBS affiliate WGME. “It is for our daughters, our sons, our grandsons, our granddaughters.”

Kahrl, 81, said she and other women of her generation, who view abortion as women’s health care, recall the days before Roe v. Wade, when abortion was illegal.