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Mike Pence urged ABC News star Joy Behar to apologize to Christians she offended – she didn’t listen

  Joy Behar apologized to Mike Pence for mocking his faith, but the vice president didn’t get what he really wanted: A bigger mea culpa to “millions of Christians” who watch “The View.” Pence was willing to turn the other cheek when Behar reached out privately, according to a White House source. But Behar, whose apology only made news when… READ MORE
FILE - In this Monday, Nov. 14, 2016 file photo, East Los Angeles high school students protest against the election of President-elect Donald Trump outside Los Angeles City Hall. Mixed signals from the White House on gay rights and conscience protections have put two constituencies on edge: LGBT advocates already wary of President Donald Trump and religious conservatives determined to hold him to his campaign promises. (AP Photo/Nick Ut)

Conservative Christian organizations are getting impatient with Trump

by DAVID CRARY and RACHEL ZOLL, | AP National Writers
Published on February 17, 2017
NEW YORK (AP) — Mixed signals from the White House on gay rights and religious exemptions have put two constituencies on edge: LGBT advocates already… READ MORE

‘The Vagina Monologues’ coming to a Christian church near you

by Steve Deace | Conservative Review
Published on February 17, 2017
Yet another self-proclaimed Christian church in America is putting on its own version of “The Vagina Monologues” later this month. What’s that you say? You… READ MORE

Actor Chris Pratt shares the Bible verse he’s ‘relied on for strength’

by Tré Goins-Phillips | The Blaze
Published on February 17, 2017
Actor Chris Pratt, who recently detailed how he became a Christian, revealed over the weekend the “great Bible verse” — Philippians 4:13 — he relies… READ MORE

Christian florist who turned away same-sex couple broke anti-discrimination laws, Washington court says

by Fox News
Published on February 17, 2017
A Washington state florist who refused to provide services for a same-sex wedding in 2013 broke the state’s anti discrimination law, the state’s Supreme Court… READ MORE

Texas anti-abortion efforts renewed after Supreme Court defeat

by Associated Press
Published on February 17, 2017
AUSTIN, Texas — Undeterred by a U.S. Supreme Court decision striking down sweeping abortion restrictions that were sold as protecting women’s health, Texas Republicans are… READ MORE

Thousands of Americans Gather to Intercede for the Nation

by Rachael Lee
Published on November 13, 2014

“If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then… READ MORE

Brittany Maynard’s death: Does suffering have spiritual meaning?

by Cathy Lynn Grossman
Published on November 4, 2014

When Brittany Maynard became the youthful face of the right-to-die movement, she brought to the public table several fierce debates. Some people wouldn’t call Maynard’s… READ MORE

Church and state: Moral high ground can sink to exclusion

by Kip Tabb  |  published on October 29, 2014
I am Jewish. I am not, by any means, some form of ultra-orthodox Jew. In fact, I doubt if I would even qualify to be identified with the Reform movement. I am uncomfortable with organized services and organized religion. Nonetheless, I am proud of my heritage, proud of my religion and take comfort in the knowledge that it is part… READ MORE

Godless Millennials Could End the Power of the Religious Right

by Adam Lee
Published on October 28, 2014
The 2014 midterm elections are drawing near, and it appears that the Democrats may well lose the Senate, since they’re fighting on unfriendly territory –… READ MORE