Mars Hill Church On Course to Dissolve by End of Year; Local Congregations Make Decisions on Future

by Vincent Funaro  |  published on November 14, 2014

While plans for the Seattle-based Mars Hill Church name and brand to completely dissolve by the end of the year are moving forward, transformation of its 13 locations are well underway.

“Everything is closing down at the end of the year, including our central offices,” Mars Hill communications director Justin Dean told The Christian Post. “Mars Hill will cease to exist after Dec. 31, 2014.”

Dean said that after selling or transferring all property and assets that belong to the church, it will use the money to satisfy its remaining debt and will take care of the remaining staff that will be laid off at the end of the year.

The remaining locations that are not being sold will be under new leadership and will no longer be affiliated with the Mars Hill brand. Some elders for local congregations, such as for Mars Hill Huntington Beach in California, have chosen not to continue.

“Each location will be independently managed by their own lead pastor and/or elder team as they see fit,” stated Dean via email to CP. “Since Mars Hill will cease to exist, each church is welcome to use whatever technology, applications, etc. that they feel necessary.”

The decision to dissolve Mars Hill Church was sparked by the resignation of lead pastor Mark Driscoll who stepped down from leadership last month.