Ahead of Christmas, Obama Raises Concerns About Christian Persecution by Islamic State

by Fred Lucas | The Blaze  |  published on December 24, 2015

President Barack Obama expressed his concern about persecuted Christians around the world, particularly an embattled church in the Middle East facing an onslaught from Islamic State terrorists.

“During this season of Advent, Christians in the United States and around the world are preparing to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ,” Obama said in the statement Wednesday. “At this time, those of us fortunate enough to live in countries that honor the birthright of all people to practice their faith freely give thanks for that blessing. Michelle and I are also ever-mindful that many of our fellow Christians do not enjoy that right, and hold especially close to our hearts and minds those who have been driven from their ancient homelands by unspeakable violence and persecution.”

Obama is vacationing in Hawaii until the new year, but issued the written statement.