Arizona Judges Told They Must Perform Same-Sex Marriages If They Do Any Weddings

by DEBORAH HAMILTON  |  published on March 26, 2015

A recent ruling in Arizona may have set a frightening precedent, as judges there were ordered to perform same-sex weddings if they do any weddings at all—regardless of whether doing so violates their faith.

According to a report last week by the Associated Press, a recently issued opinion by a state judiciary ethics advisory committee in Arizona says “turning away same-sex couples would violate a state judicial-conduct rule against bias or prejudice based on sexual orientation.”

Therefore, judges must perform same-sex weddings, even if their morals and beliefs contradict the practice. The opinion also said that “a judge’s religious or other personal beliefs don’t make a difference nor does it matter if the judge performs weddings at non-court locations.”

American Family Association (AFA) says the ruling could have devastating effects on the American judicial system and the types of judges who are drawn to the bench.