How the Current Wave of Anti-Christian Sentiment Could Backfire

by JEREMY BURNS | Charisma News  |  published on June 9, 2015

With everyone from pop culture icons to the mainstream media to Internet memes to the president himself seemingly bashing Christianity, is there no hope for a resurgence in the cultural battle?

According to one analyst, the widespread anti-Christian campaign may be ultimately be its own undoing. In a recent TIME magazine article, Dave Carney offers a compelling argument that the religious bullying and persecution could be the factor that unites and mobilizes Christians to once again become a force to be reckoned with in the public arena.

Despite findings that the percentage of those who identify as Christians has dropped sharply over the past decade or so, Carney points out that evangelicals have only seen a 0.9 percent decline. Further, while Christian denominations in the cited study lost 7.8 percent of the religious “market share” between 2007 and 2014, the fact remains that roughly 7 in 10 Americans still identify as Christian.