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The Religious Freedom Case You May Not Have Heard About

by Bryan Preston, PJ Media  |  published on January 8, 2014

Before there was any controversy at A&E over Duck Dynasty and same-sex marriage, Craig James lost his job at Fox Sports for stating his opinion on a religious and public policy matter. Like Phil Robertson, James did not make his comments on the air. In his case, he made the remarks that got him fired more than a year before Fox even hired him.

I caught up with the former SMU and NFL running back today at the Texas Public Policy Foundation’s policy forum in Austin. James, the former ESPN college football commentator and Republican candidate for Senate in Texas, delivered the warm-up to the keynote speaker, state Rep. Scott Turner.

Turner, by the way, is a rising star to watch for. His speech was by turns hilarious, inspiring, motivational and brilliant.

It was during James’ run for Senate in Texas, a race eventually won by Ted Cruz, that James made remarks that would eventually cost him his Fox Sports job over a year later.

“During a candidates’ debate, when I was running for office, the moderator asked me for my definition of marriage,” James says. “And I said, I believe Biblically, it’s between a man and a woman. As the other candidates answered as well.”

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