Trump raises stakes for next shutdown fight

Less than 48 hours after Congress reached a bipartisan deal on 2017 spending, President Trump warned the next round might not be so easy.

The president on Tuesday roiled the debate over a 2018 spending package — five months before Congress’s deadline to pass it — by promoting the notion that a “good shutdown” in September would go a long way toward fixing the “mess” in Washington.

Arriving by tweet just after 9 a.m., the comment — unprecedented for a sitting president — was seen as no threat to the 2017 omnibus funding package, which Congress is expected to send to Trump this week to prevent a shutdown on Saturday.

But it appears to reflect Trump’s frustration with reports and analyses, many from conservative allies, that the Republicans were rolled during the negotiations over the current bill, which included almost none of the prominent policy riders the White House had initially demanded.