Evangelical Vote Played Key Role in Republican Victories, Data Show

by Samuel Smith - CP Reporter  |  published on November 6, 2014

Republican victories in key Senate races would not have been possible without the strong turnout of conservative Christian voters, according to data reported by Ralph Reed, president of the conservative activist group Faith & Freedom Coalition.

A post-election survey conducted by Greg Bolger of Public Opinion Strategies found that nearly one-third of the total electorate in the 2014 midterms identified themselves as conservative Christians, Reed told attendees of a Faith & Freedom Coalition press conference on Wednesday announcing the poll. And, faith-based voters proved to have an even greater impact in the election of key Republican Senator-elects and helped the GOP take control of the Senate for the first time since 2006.

Reed highlighted Joni Ernst’s victory in Iowa, where she replaced retiring Democratic Senator Tom Harkin, and David Perdue’s victory in Georgia as two Senate elections that could not have been won without the help of the evangelical vote. Both candidates won by garnering just over 52 percent of the vote and both candidates benefited from campaign support from prominent social conservative Political Action Committees.