NC City Agrees To Remove Statue of Praying Soldier, Christian Flag

by Casey Harper  |  published on January 8, 2015

One North Carolina city has finally surrendered in a long-fought battle to preserve a veteran’s memorial with a praying soldier and Christian flag.

The city, after spending $50,000 in legal fees, and with little hope of winning a court battle estimated to cost $2 million, ceded to the U.S. army veteran suing the town, the Winston Salem-Journal reports.

The statue of the soldier kneeling before a cross will be removed, as will the Christian flag, from the memorial in the city’s park, ending a four-year dispute.

“The decision to settle this case has been very difficult for the King city council,” the city said in a press release. “It was not reached until it became clear that the costs of proceeding to trial would greatly exceed the city’s insurance policy limits.”