Strong Christian Right Voter Turnout for GOP Is Expected

by Warren Mass  |  published on October 29, 2014

A recent Reuters/Ipsos poll indicated that voters who identify themselves as “evangelicals” are more enthusiastic than the general population about the midterm elections. Reuters noted that, despite the fact the influence of the “religious right” (or Christian Right) has declined since the days when Rev. Jerry Falwell’s Moral Majority exerted a strong influence on American politics, “Christian conservatives will probably vote in greater numbers on November 4 than others, giving them an outsized say in who runs Congress.”

A strong turnout by this overwhelmingly Republican bloc is seen as crucial to the Republicans’ chances of retaking the Senate in this election.

According to the poll, 49 percent of evangelicals responded that they have a great deal of interest or quite a bit of interest in news about the elections, compared to 38 percent of non-evangelicals.