Christian prayers violated Buncombe school policy

by Julie Ball, Citizen Times  |  published on May 29, 2014

inger Strivelli, left, and her daughter Sybilsue object to the use of Christian prayers at a recent North Buncombe High band event.

ASHEVILLE – Christian prayers at a North Buncombe High Band Boosters event honoring veterans violated Buncombe County Schools’ religion policy, school officials say.

The event on Saturday sparked complaints from some students and at least one parent.

“This was a flagrant breaking of policy,” said Ginger Strivelli, a Pagan and the mother of a student who was at the event.

Strivelli helped push for the policy a couple of years ago after her son came home from North Windy Ridge Intermediate School with a Bible. School officials said Gideons International left the Bibles at the school for students.

Saturday’s event was not on school property. It was held in the field near Dollar General on Weaverville Road.