Conservatives flex Trump-era might on US campuses

by Catherine TRIOMPHE | AFP/Yahoo! News  |  published on May 24, 2017

Boston – US universities are often bastions of progressive Democrats, but Donald Trump’s election has spurred a growing number of conservative students to step out of the shadows and become increasingly vocal.

Even though both right-wing provocateur Milo Yiannopoulos and conservative firebrand Ann Coulter cancelled planned appearances at the University of California, Berkeley in the face of threats and violent protests, Democrats don’t always have a stranglehold on campus.

“Conservative students are becoming less hesitant to speak out,” says Sterling Beard, editor-in-chief of Campus Reform, which supports young conservatives in denouncing progressive bias on campus.

The recent violence at Berkeley, he says, makes the job easier “because so many of their liberal peers have become hysterical.”

Two of these new conservative voices are Nick Fuentes at Boston University and William Long at Harvard, who are finishing the school year happy to go into battle to defend their ideas to peers in the majority opposing camp.