DAVI: How Hollywood Spits On Christianity

by Robert Davi  |  published on March 3, 2015

Saturday morning I brought Matzah ball soup to my kids from Brents, the neighborhood Jewish deli. Yes, when they aren’t feeling well even goy children know what’s good for them!

My daughter Frances, a highly artistic and intelligent girl, asked me a question. She loves the Netflix show House of Cards and is a huge Kevin Spacey fan.

I have never worked with him nor met him. The six degrees of separation between us is primarily the show Wiseguy, starring the terrific Ken Wahl. In the late ‘80s, Spacey had done an arc on that show, and I had done one sometime after his.

I respect and like Spacey’s work immensely. My daughter explained to me the latest episode of House of Cards she had seen the previous night.