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Italian priest nixes Nativity scene to avoid offending Muslims

Published on December 13, 2016
An Italian priest has decided to break with tradition and not set up a Nativity scene in his town’s cemetery this Christmas — in order… READ MORE

Orthodox Christians celebrate Christmas

by BBC
Published on January 8, 2016

Communities from Europe, Africa and the Middle East marked the event – each with their own unique traditions – on Thursday, in line with the… READ MORE

Marco Rubio and Russell Moore: This Christmas, we must remember slaughtered Christians in the Middle East

by Marco Rubio and Russell Moore | The Washington Post
Published on December 24, 2015
As American families put up our Christmas trees and start playing carols, it’s perhaps easy to forget that the first Christmas wasn’t all that silent… READ MORE

Planned Parenthood Christmas Shopping List: ‘Cookies, Eggnog, Condoms’

by Dr. Susan Berry | Breitbart
Published on December 24, 2015
With its taxpayer funding still flowing, Planned Parenthood – the nation’s largest abortion provider – has that holiday feeling and is tweeting to remind fans… READ MORE

NYPD on Heightened Terrorism Alert for Christmas

by John Hayward | Breitbart
Published on December 24, 2015
PIX11 News reports that New York City police have been placed on “heightened alert” for the holiday season, and one of the reasons for concern… READ MORE

University Prof. Wants You to Say This Instead of ‘Merry Christmas’ to Stomp Out ‘Cultural Insensitivity’

by Jason Howerton | The Blaze
Published on December 24, 2015
Instead of saying “merry Christmas” this year, a University of Central Florida political science professor wants you to try out a new phrase: “Happy federal… READ MORE

Ahead of Christmas, Obama Raises Concerns About Christian Persecution by Islamic State

by Fred Lucas | The Blaze
Published on December 24, 2015
President Barack Obama expressed his concern about persecuted Christians around the world, particularly an embattled church in the Middle East facing an onslaught from Islamic… READ MORE

David Cameron’s Christmas Message Emphasizes U.K. Is a ‘Christian Country’

by Sharona Schwartz | The Blaze
Published on December 24, 2015
Amid the debate raging in Europe over the arrival of migrants from the predominantly Muslim Middle East and North Africa, British Prime Minister David Cameron… READ MORE


Published on December 24, 2015
BETHLEHEM, West Bank — Christian faithful from around the world descended Thursday on the biblical city of Bethlehem for Christmas Eve celebrations at the traditional… READ MORE

‘Christmas is dead’ in Venezuela, and 2016 looks grim

by Alexander Martinez | AFP / Yahoo! News
Published on December 24, 2015
Caracas (AFP) – “Christmas is dead,” says Elise Belisario, who, like many Venezuelans, can’t afford to hang decorations or make a traditional holiday meal this… READ MORE