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Extermination of Christians in Egypt Not Getting Enough Attention: Piers Morgan Asks, ‘Why?’

by Susan Jones | cnsnews
Published on April 11, 2017

A three-month nationwide state of emergency took effect in Egypt on Monday, following the terror attacks on two Christian churches that killed at least 44… READ MORE

ISIS releases 16 Assyrian Christian hostages

Published on January 30, 2016
ISIS has released 16 more Assyrian Christian hostages in Syria, activists working in the region have confirmed. The Assyrian Church of the East Relief Organisation… READ MORE

Islamic State claims murder of Christian convert in Bangladesh: online group

by RUMA PAUL | Reuters
Published on January 8, 2016

Islamic State has claimed responsibility for murdering a Christian convert in Bangladesh, says an online group that monitors extremist activity, the latest killing declared by… READ MORE

Ahead of Christmas, Obama Raises Concerns About Christian Persecution by Islamic State

by Fred Lucas | The Blaze
Published on December 24, 2015
President Barack Obama expressed his concern about persecuted Christians around the world, particularly an embattled church in the Middle East facing an onslaught from Islamic… READ MORE