Christian Heretics: The Devil Is Grateful When You Tell People He Doesn’t Exist

by Matt Walsh  |  published on June 3, 2015

Here’s a controversial position: I think Christians should be opposed to summoning demons.

I know we’re perpetually lowering our expectations for Christians in this part of the world, but I will stubbornly cling to the insistence that we all ought to refrain from condoning or participating in Satanic rituals. I mean, we have to set the bar somewhere, right? Can I at least set it here? Please tell me that “opposition to demonic seances” is one area where, at a minimum, every Christian can agree. We can’t agree on much, I know, but maybe there can be one unified voice speaking out against people inviting demons into their living rooms.

Tell me that isn’t too much to ask.
Please tell me it isn’t too much to ask.

Dear God, it’s too much to ask, isn’t it?

I am a hopelessly optimistic sort of person, so I’ve actually been quite shocked over the past few days by the sheer multitude of my fellow believers who deny the existence of Hell, Satan, and evil, and therefore dismiss the dangers of kids playing games with demons. I guess if I’d been paying closer attention, I would have seen this poll from a few years ago, revealing that a majority of U.S. Christians don’t believe that Hell or Satan are real.