CHRISTIANITY TODAY: Could demons possess me?

by Marshall Shelley  |  published on February 23, 2015

Q. Can people still be demon-possessed today like in biblical times and exorcism movies? Can demons possess Christians?

A. The possibility of dramatic and torturous demon possession is enough to make your head spin! (Oh, sorry, that was just an Exorcist special effect).

Actually, the Bible does teach that demons are real, and that they do torment people. But most mature Christians I know have never seen a demonic attack that’s as weird as in the movies.

Demons don’t need to produce special effects to have their desired effect. Instead, they work to simply prevent people from having faith in God.

They can succeed in that by creating fear, or by merely distracting people with entertainment, conflict, greed, envy or a host of other preoccupations.

Can a Christian be demon-possessed?

That question produces lots of disagreement among theologians.

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