Vandalism against Churches a New Fad?

by Spike Bowan  |  published on June 19, 2017

Kansas City, Kan., Toilets were broken and water was running across the floor, pews were overturned, a keyboard was destroyed, and a glass panel had been broken to enter the church. The alarm system never alerted the police because the door was not opened.

Pastor Bryan Mann of the Bethel Seventh Day Adventist Church got the call from his head deacon on Sunday morning, alerting him to the overnight vandalism. Upon seeing the destruction, Mann said, “I expected it to be bad, but not to this degree.”

He said about the damage, “this is God’s house and to do the type of things that have been done here, and I’ve seen it before, but to take hours to do this type of damage, police say this didn’t happen in 15 minutes or an hour; it took hours, even with multiple people. Who would have that much anger, and that much disregard?”

Mann says they are assessing the damage and working with insurance, but that the act of vandalism just motivates them to do more good to outweigh the evil.

“I don’t have anger toward them, you just pray for them,” Mann said. “It’s going to rally the church to be better, and to engage even more.”

Another church went through similar events last week in Turtle Creek, Pennsylvania. For the second time in the past two months, vandals struck a church in Turtle Creek.

It’s shut the churches down, and it’s costing them thousands and thousands of dollars.

They didn’t touch the sanctuary, but they stripped all the copper piping and caused a lot of damage.

As a result, the church is closed down and many of the services they offered the community are shut down, too.

The Calvary United Church has a small congregation with a big mission. Their opportunity shop provides clothes and household goods for people in need, including the Aspinwall, Pennsylvania VA.

The church can’t open to the public.

“They stripped every piece of copper they could strip from our boiler,” church secretary Beth Hughes said.

Copper’s stripped. Walls are trashed. Doors are damaged. Offices ransacked. Thousands of dollars in damage. They are trying to raise the money to fix it.

Last month, the same thing happened down the street at the Love Fellowship Church. Thousands in damage as vandals stole the copper pipes. Police have surveillance video and are hoping to identify the church vandals. In the meantime, the Calvary Church is holding services at a nearby funeral home.

With several churches been vandalized, robbed and stripped of coper pipes and wiring, it is not unsurprising that the main stream media is ignoring this growing trend of theft and destruction of Christian churches.

Calvary United Church of Christ, in Turtle Creek has started a GoFundme campaign to try and help with the critical damage that has been perpetrated on their church.

Calvary United Church of Christ has served the Turtle Creek community since 1882.   Community ministries have included informational meetings on various topics, a program called “Oasis”, providing supportive services to children during school lunch hours.

Today, Calvary United Church of Christ is still providing community support!  The Church has been the home of the OPPORTUNITY SHOP since 1972. This shop offers the opportunity to purchase good used clothing for all ages, small household items, bedding, books, toys, and more.  The Shop also provides help to “Neighbors in Need”, for any victims of fire, abused women, and others.   Not only does the Shop help local residents, it also provides many items and services to homeless Veterans, with the help of the Aspinwall VA.  The Turtle Creek Community considers the shop a true blessing to the community and surrounding areas.

The small 15 member fellowship desires to continue serving the community just as it has since 1882.  It is confident that with the help of others the services will continue.  The congregation will be holding their Sunday services at the Jobe Funeral Home in Turtle Creek.”

We can only hope and pray that this does not become a growing trend that sweeps the nation. Three churches vandalized in less than 2 months does not bode well however.